Posted by: knitapeace | November 10, 2008


Just a couple, as promised. I still need photos of the father/son giganto sweaters. But this will hold you for a little while.

First, here’s Rebecca in her sleeveless hoodie. Ravelry members can find the pattern here.

img_01271 img_01261 img_0125

And here are my little goblins on Halloween: a girl pirate and Batman, the (Snaggle-toothed) Dark Knight.

img_0120 img_01231

Today was supposed to be Rebecca’s class field trip, and I was picked to be one of the chaperones. Unfortunately, she had a very rough night and got very little sleep, so right after we all had lunch she went pale and started holding her stomach. I had to take her home a bit early, and she was sad. But she’s sleeping on the couch right now so I hope she’ll feel better very soon.



  1. Love Rebecca’s sweater, very pretty! And that’s some nice lipstick, what shade is it? 😉 I hope she’s feeling better soon!

  2. Adorable sweater, Cindy! I love it!
    The kids were super cute for halloween and I agree with Pam .. nice shade of lipstick. 🙂
    I hope Rebecca feels better very soon!

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