Posted by: knitapeace | March 9, 2009

Quickie UFO post

Hey all, I’ve joined a group on Ravelry that encourages you to spend one day a week working on UFOs (unfinished objects) in order to have more finished projects and less guilt. For March, though, they’ve issued a challenge to finish as many UFOs as you can before the 15th. I obliged by finally getting the pieces of my Twisted sweater off the top of the knitting cabinet and sewing them up. I knew the sleeves were going to be too big, and you can see in the photos how much I had to cuff them to make them work. It’s a shame too, because the design of the sleeves is so pretty and it gets lost when you roll them up. Anyway, presenting my newest FO:

img_0156 img_0158



  1. congrats on a fo! It is a pretty sweater!

  2. pictures please of the next finished ufo!

  3. Oh that is beautiful! I love it!

    How’s things? How goes the job search for Dan? How is your job going?

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