Posted by: knitapeace | March 19, 2009

Boring updates

Thank you Pam and Laura for the nice compliments! I’m trying to convince myself I don’t need that white sweater in every color. It’s so cute and fits so well, for once.

So Pam asked for updates. Dan is still home and looking for work. It’s like searching for water in the desert. I’m still working at the pharmaceutical company, and it’s a soul-draining experience. Suffice to say that the work isn’t particularly challenging or interesting, and the “environment” leaves much to be desired. But in this economic climate I’m just happy to have work.

The kids are doing pretty well. Ben’s behavior in class has improved dramatically, but he still has a tendency to drift away when he’s supposed to be writing or drawing something. Give him a math sheet or a science experiment and he’s all over it, but he really hates to write. Rebecca has been showing some signs of mild Tourette’s. I know that might sound kind of drastic, but the fact is she just has a few twitches that don’t interfere with her friend-making or school work, so we aren’t making a big deal out of it. We’re keeping an eye on it, and the pediatrician is aware. They’re both enjoying karate and doing well in shule (Jewish school). And they both want to get back on their bikes soon!

There’s really nothing else interesting to tell! Sorry my life is so blah! 😀



  1. Thanks for the updates, I’ll send lots of job finding jobs to Dan! And hope that it’s nothing serious with REbecca!

  2. How about some more boring updates??? It’s been a while, what’s new?

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