Posted by: knitapeace | April 16, 2009

I can’t figure out why, but…

Somebody out there seems to want me to update my blog. I’m not kidding, Laura, my life is BO-RING. Seriously. But if you want to know what I’m doing, I’ll try to make it as exciting as possible.

So first off, they fired our proofreading night shift. There were two day shift (Toni and me) and two night shift girls doing the kind of proofreading that I do. Now there are half as many of us. At the same time, the people who generate the work for us have increased productivity somehow and we are getting more than twice as many projects to proofread that we did before. Some nights I go home and there are more than 70 projects in my to-do bin, and when Toni, who is part time, is there we can get about 30 done if we really crack the whip and don’t chat or take our morning break. Without Toni I can maybe get out 23 or 24 if most of them are labels, which go faster. I’ve nearly cried twice. I’ve stayed late every day this week, and I have to go in on Saturday.

And then the zombies nearly broke through our barricade, but the monkey military forces held them back with Pez dispensers and potato guns!

(That was me trying to make it more exciting.)

Oh, there is one exciting thing. My brother and his family came to NY to visit us for the FIRST TIME EVER and we had a great time despite gale force winds and miserable rain. And on Easter Sunday we saw Seal with his son on his shoulders in Central Park, and we saw Heidi Klum from a distance as they got into their SUV in front of Tavern on the Green. (We were at the awesome concrete playground just above the restaurant.)

Other than that? Dan’s still hunting for work and the kids are still doing the normal kid stuff like forgetting their homework and learning karate. Dan and I took the dryer apart, found the parts we needed to make it stop banging every time we dried a load, and put it back together again. We have veggie and flower sprouts, grown from seed, ready to plant outside as soon as we’re relatively sure of no more frost. Dan is being a great house husband but I’d be very happy if he could find a job. And that’s pretty much it.

Except for when the Queen came to visit! And ate my homemade banana bread and played our Pinball Wizard machine from 1973 in our basement!

(Was that exciting?)



  1. Thanks for the update! Your life is somewhere in between boring and exhaustingly crazy busy, which is somewhere I truly try to stay. Lots of times though, my mom says I’m never truly happy unless I’ve got about 8 plates in the air crazy-busy.

    Sorry work has less workers and more work. Remember…breathe!

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