Posted by: knitapeace | April 25, 2009

New sweater

I’ve decided that knitting sweaters in pieces and sewing them up is a pain. I’ve done seamless sweaters before, and I liked it, but this time I started literally from scratch by taking measurements, swatching, and doing a lot of math. Thanks to the book Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard, I am making a top-down, seamless shrug for Rebecca. Here it is in progress:


Because it’s a shrug, it only comes down to about the bottom of her ribcage. I made super short cap sleeves, and it’s knit from a cotton/acrylic blend that will work through spring/summer/fall. It’s sort of my guinea pig knit, making sure I know what I’m doing with the new sleeve construction before I make a sweater from the book for myself.

Things at work are going okay. We got a new type of document scanner–it’s actually a camera–so the work does go a little quicker now. We were caught up, then we lost two days to the installation and training for the new machine, but now we’re almost caught up again. When I left work on Friday there were only six projects in my inbox. Compare that to over 70 at one point!

Dan had an interview with a local company last week. They do something with green mass transit and bus stops…I’m not sure exactly but I’m sure I’ll find out if it works out. He didn’t get to meet with the COO because they ran out of time on interview day and then the guy left for two weeks in Aruba. Must be nice. He’s supposed to call Dan for a phone interview while he’s away. We’ll see what happens. I’m happy to say that Dan’s severance check finally arrived, and Motorola did the RIGHT thing and paid out all the bonuses from 2008. So we have enough to get by for a while longer, as long as we keep stretching our pennies.

Off to throw the bathroom rugs into the dryer and have a shower so we can go to the Cherry Blossom Festival at Stony Brook later.



  1. cute sweater! I’ve found a whole book with top down projects at the library…good source of free knitting books you know…it’s called “knit on down”.

    I’ve found an adorable adult kimono I’m planning on knitting.


  2. Hi–

    I’m John Morris’ wife–a v lover and an avid knitter. Yes, the story about Vala is true–our vet and his wife are working hard to get her into remission (or into as much remission as possible,) and then to place her. She is the one who put the flyer together. They are wonderful.

    Nice to meet a dog lover who also knits! Sounds like you design your own, too. I alter and change patterns all the time, but have not actually started anything from scratch. Let me know how it goes–and we’ll let you know about Vala.

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