Posted by: knitapeace | June 14, 2009

Mini update

So I guess I kind of disappeared there, post-haircut. 😀 As usual, there’s not much going on here to tell.

Dan finally received an email back from Albany giving him instructions on how to  complete his “application” to reinstate his status as a NY State certified teacher. I thought they were going to give him a list of courses he needed to take and stuff he had to do, but basically they just gave him a username and password to some website where he had to upload his transcripts, resume, and letters of recommendation. I don’t know if that means he’s good to go or not. I do know that the more I hear about the perks that teachers receive, the happier I am to see him pursue this direction. I guess that’s why we pay such high taxes. Still nothing on the job front, but he’s putting his name out as a consultant in hopes of getting something part time or non-permanent while we wait out this stinking economy. We’re still doing very well pinching pennies and making his severance last, so please don’t worry about us and our financial situation. My paycheck and his unemployment payments are helping too.

I still hate my job. And that’s all I have to say about that. <–in my best Forrest Gump voice

The kids are well. Rebecca took a year off from soccer to try karate and advanced two belts, but has decided she’d rather go back to soccer in the fall. Thursday the local soccer league held tryouts for the A and B travel teams, but she didn’t make the cut for either one. Fortunately they still have an interleague team that does some traveling and plays just for the joy of it, so she’s gung-ho about doing that. Her previous coach is the coach of the interleague team, and he’s just great. So I feel good about that. I also feel good about the fact that interleague is less expensive and has a smaller time (read: weekend) commitment. Ben is flourishing in karate and will continue with it for as long as he wants to. I just love seeing him out on the floor, looking so graceful doing his katas. He’s just one stripe away from an orange belt.

Dan and Rebecca are leaving in a moment to attend her fiddle workshop, where she plays old Irish and country dance music with other kids. If you’ve ever been to a contra dance, that’s the kind of music they play. She pretends she doesn’t like it, but for the first time since she’s four she will just pick up her violin and start playing stuff from the workshop, just for pleasure. That’s a ringing endorsement! I still have some laundry going and want to work a bit more on my vest. Thanks for checking in on me!



  1. been wondering what’s news on the job front. Not that I didn’t like the haircut post, it’s a beautiful haircut, but wanted a bit more of an update. Sorry you aren’t loving your job.

  2. I’m sorry you don’t like your job and I totally am with you there! I hope Dan gets what he wants!

  3. Sorry about the job woes, Cindy. Still, it seems like you’re loving your life. Me too, now that I’ve moved to San Diego. It’s fantastic!

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