Posted by: knitapeace | July 7, 2009

Summer, for real

There for a while I wasn’t sure we were going to get a summer at all. Too much rain, no opportunity to plant any flowers or veggies, and a lonely-looking pool. The July 4th weekend changed all that, thankfully, and we were able to get a LOT of swimming and grilling done. Dan made the best barbecued ribs I ever put in my MOUTH. And the dog is finally learning to love swimming…well, nearly. He’ll voluntarily get on the first or second step if you tell him “Go swimmin!” but he’ll only get out into the water if Dan or I are already out there.

It’s been weird for everybody, our little “upside down” family with Daddy staying home and Mommy working. The kids are certainly enjoying having more Daddy time, but they often glom onto me when I walk in the door. My own private time has become very rare, which is hard for me. I like to be left alone a good amount of time. But I try to remember that the time will be here all too soon when they will prefer the company of friends to me, and then I’ll miss these days. So I will appreciate it while I can (and sneak in some alone time whenever I can do it without feeling guilty).

Work is going well, although I have to say that some of the “personality” issues I’ve had from the beginning are wearing on me harder every day. My closest coworker and friend is just back to work after being a stay-home mom for years, just like me, but she only works three days a week. Because of being there less often, I think she didn’t see some of the issues that I was describing to her until recently. We work in a very small room with another proofreading team, and let’s just say that not everything is rosy in our little world. Everything from the preferred temperature to the amount of sniping about other coworkers behind their backs gets right up my left nostril despite all my mantras and deep breathing exercises. The thing is, and this is common with me, no one is aware that I’m slowly going insane except my friend. I keep a nice, peaceful face on all day and try not to make waves. When everyone leaves the room, I pretend to commit hari-kiri with my office scissors.

However, for reasons I don’t want to get into too deeply because I don’t want to jinx them, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Please keep your fingers crossed for me for an opportunity that is in my sights. I know there will be issues no matter what I do, but I feel confident that no matter where I end up I’ll be able to re-embrace positivity by saying, “Hey, at least I’m not proofreading anymore!”



  1. I hope things are working out for you. I know exactly what you mean about committing Hari Kari with your scissors, frequently at lunch, I use my banana I’ve kept on my desk for lunch as my “banana gun” because there are days with some kids at school that just make me want to blow my banana brains out. Would flesh color/hair color ear plugs or your Ipod help?

  2. give us a U
    give us a P
    give us a D
    give us an A
    give us a T
    give us an E

    What’s it spell….update
    Say it again…UPDATE!
    Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh Update!

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