Posted by: knitapeace | December 19, 2009


Thank goodness my blog isn’t a library book, or I’d be in debt with my overdue fines. I’ve mostly been keeping people updated using Facebook these days. I like the brevity of it, and being able to see everyone’s updates all together. Sometimes I think we share way too much online, and Facebook helps me to keep it short and not-too-specific. I stay out of trouble that way.

But I do still like to write, and as my college professors can tell you I can go on and on (my kids would agree), so sometimes I guess I’ll come back to the blog.

The continuing saga of Dan’s employment status is always at the forefront of my mind. He sort of avoided looking for a job all summer, because he wanted to be home with the kids, but the result was that when fall came around he had to pretty much start from scratch looking for work. He spends a good majority of his days looking, and up until now there wasn’t even a phone call or email with any interest. Fortunately, he does have an interesting prospect on the horizon now. The company is very close to home, and they need someone with his exact skills. Fingers crossed that there will be a meeting before the end of the year, or shortly after the beginning of the new year.

My job is going well. I was promoted (sort of) to label coordinator, which is a much more interesting and demanding job. My supervisor is very pleased with my work and is relying on me more and more to take on extra responsibilities. I was crystal clear when I asked for the move: this could not be a lateral move as far as pay. I need more money, because I’m the sole breadwinner now and if it weren’t for Dan’s unemployment we would be below the poverty line. I was assured that I would get a raise. They moved me into my new position, and no one mentioned money. I asked again. I was told it would be handled by the boss. I waited. I went to HR after a couple of weeks and asked there. The boss pulled me aside and said he would be sure to take care of it. I waited. My immediate supervisor assured me that she had talked to the boss again. I’m still waiting. I began this new position on October 22nd and I still have no idea what my pay is. I’m working twice as hard, still on my tiny little proofreader salary, and I’m pissed about it. I’ve never known a company to behave this way. It’s so unprofessional. In this economy I certainly can’t quit in frustration, but when things turn around I don’t know what I’ll do. It’s just unconscionable to expect someone to do a job and not know how much they’re getting paid for it.

The kids are doing well in school, although Ben still struggles with making friends and fitting into the “mold” that teachers expect. We discovered at the beginning of the year that he is starting exhibit tics, so we feel safe in assuming he has mild Tourette’s just like his sister. Spaciness, poor handwriting, and easy frustration and anger seem to be the other symptoms he’s exhibiting. He’s pretty darn brilliant at math though, and he loves to read. He just gets very upset with the other children and is finding it hard to make friends because of it. Luckily he has a few girls in his class who seem to understand him and like him no matter what, and I’m so grateful for them. Rebecca’s tics remain fairly mild, lately it’s just some repetitive, quiet throat clearing, and they don’t seem to interfere with her studies or her friendships. She’s trying out for a part in the class play and is very excited to see that start coming together.

We had a lovely Hanukkah, and because it’s been a lean year the children showed remarkable appreciation for their gifts. They were so sweet. Just now we’re battening down the hatches for a possible 10 to 15 inches of snow that’s heading our way. Better go bring in more firewood! Until the next update, which I hope will have lots of positive news and not be six months down the road, lol…



  1. I would suggest making a call to the Labor Board and ask them what your next step should be since you have followed all the right channels so far with no results. Then casually mention to HR that the Labor Board suggested “such and such” and you are going to have to look into that since you are getting no result going through the proper channels. HR should freak out and you should have an answer within the day. Be sure to ask them how they will be giving you the make up back pay to October 22nd, as you will need to know if you should bump up your tax withholding for that one time extra check so you don’t get dinged later. And if HR doesn’t freak and get you taken care of, absolutely get back in touch with the Labor Board and they will help you get this corrected.
    I really hate when companies take advantage like that. good luck hon.

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