Posted by: knitapeace | December 24, 2009


That’s my blog title and it’s not even about knitting. It’s about feeling a teeny bit guilty for dogging on my employer when afterward he really did make a very sincere apology and tried to make things right with me. I went to HR once again on Tuesday to let her know that my salary situation was still unsettled after two months. She was very surprised, and promised to talk to Bossman about it. He came by shortly after and told me the exact same things he told me two months ago: it’s entirely his fault it’s not done, the raise will be retroactive and they’ll pay out my back wages, he’s sorry it’s taking so long, he’ll get to it soon. He seemed a little annoyed that I had brought it up again. I just looked at him. He told me that if he could sit down with the numbers the next day he would figure it out and let me know by the following week. I looked at him pointedly and said, “That would be great” although since the next day was the office party and the day before our holiday break, I doubted it was going to happen. Never mind that he seemed to think it was only about the money. He didn’t “get” that I was humiliated to be given a job but never told how much I would be making at it. It was as if they were saying to me, “You’ll get what we decide you get and you’ll like it.” No compromise, no negotiation.

Well, evidently after I left that day my (very sweet) supervisor reminded him that my husband had been out of work for 11 months and we really needed the money. He called me to his office the very next morning and offered me a kind and sincere apology. He offered me what I think is actually a very generous raise, and he paid out about 2/3 of my back pay that very day. I still contend that I was treated shabbily, and this does happen quite often in this office (another friend waited over two months to get her yearly increase), but I am so grateful that what I was offered was fair. So I’ll be going back to work on Monday with a much better attitude.

Oh, and I’m going out and buying the kids each a DSi after the Christmas rush is over. 😉



  1. Just call it your belated Hanukkah present! I’m glad it worked out for you and the best of Holiday wishes, late and current to you and your family!

    Oh, and keep on knitting!

  2. I have checked your blog off and on to see how your family was doing-I am a digital scrapbooker and come via Jen’s blog. I will keep my fingers crossed that the job for your husband is perfectly suited for pans out for him! Thank goodness someone finally spoke up for you and got that raise for you!

    May 2010 be good for your family!

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